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In my distress...well I wanted someone to blame me..

In my devastation...I wanted so to change..

She thought she was out there, but nobody saw...
28 April
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Stevie Nicks...The BELLA DONNA album I close my eyes that gives me hope... Stevie Nicks

Stockard Channing is God

Felicity Huffman

Julie Andrews Judy Garland Barbra Streisand Bette Midler Faye Dunaway Lauren Bacall

Candice Bergen
Marcia Gay Harden Molly Shannon Janeane Garofalo

Kirstie Alley
Cher Ellen DeGeneres

Character Fandom-ness

Lynette Scavo Lucille Bluth Bree Van De Kamp Emily Gilmore Sophia Petrillo Thelma Harper ‘Mama’
Murphy BrownCarrie Bradshaw Miranda Hobbes Samantha Jones Carmela Soprano Roseanne

Album Fan-ness...and a song

Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours Fleetwood Mac’s Say You Will Fleetwood Mac’s song Thrown Down

Michelle Branch’s Hotel Paper Sheryl Crow’s C’mon, C’mon The Dixie Chicks’ Home Melissa Etheridge’s Lucky


Desperate HousewivesAccess HollywoodAmerica’s Next Top Model…Season 3The Ashlee Simpson Show…Season 1

Stevie Nicks

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darlene macnevin is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Time cast a spell on you...you won't forget me... I'll make a path to the rainbow's end...

It doesn't get better than this...I LOVE HER

Come in, out of the darkness...(I love the community! Classic Rock ROCKS

Keeper of Karen's nail file

Stevie Nicks is Gypsy Love

 In this place, where the images are born...

Stockard Channing is dedicated love

 The Best First Lady!!:D

Claims I've Made at claim_tv And yes, there's a lot....

Billy Crystal
Bradley Whitford
Bruce Willis
David Schwimmer
Dick Van Dyke
Donald Sutherland
Dustin Hoffman
Eric McCormack
Gregory Peck
Humphrey Bogart
John Cleese
John Cusack
John Goodman
John Spencer
John Travolta
Martin Sheen
Morgan Freeman
Richard Schiff
Sam Waterston
Sean Hayes
Stephen Collins

Allison Janney
Anjelica Huston
Anne Bancroft
Annete Bening
Ashley Judd
Barbra Streisand
Bea Arthur
Bette Midler
Blythe Danner
Candace Cameron
Candice Bergen
Caroline Rhea
Charlize Theron
Christina Ricci
Cybill Shepherd
Cynthia Nixon
Delta Burke
Diane Keaton
Edie Falco
Elizabeth Taylor
Ellen Burstyn
Ethel Merman
Faye Dunaway
Felicity Huffman
Glenn Close
Goldie Hawn
Greta Garbo
Hilary Swank
Jamie Lee Curtis
Jane Kaczmarek
Jaqueline Bisset
Jean Harlow
Joan Allen
Joan Crawford
Joan Cusack
Judy Garland
Julianne Moore
Julie Andrews
Kate Capshaw
Kathleen Turner
Kelly Bishop
Kim Basinger
Kim Cattrall
Kirstie Alley
Kyra Sedgwick
Lara Flinn Boyle
Linda Hamilton
Liza Minelli
Lorraine Bracco
Marcia Cross
Marcia Gay Harden
Marilyn Monroe
Marlo Thomas
Meryl Streep
Mia Farrow
Molly Shannon
Naomi Watts
Nia Vardalos
Paula Abdul
Rebecca De Mornay
Renée Zellweger
Robin Wright Penn
Roseanna Arquette
Sandra Bullock
Sigourney Weaver
Susan Hayward
Susan Sarandon
Tatum O'Neal
Uma Thurman
Yeardley Smith

Aaron Sorkin
David Kohan
Fred Shepisi
Gary David Goldberg
Griffin Dunne
Hugh Wilson
Jay Sandrich
Lee Rose
Marc Cherry
Matt Williams
Max Mutchnick
Randal Kleiser
Woody Allen

Desperate Housewives episode 1.11: Move On
Desperate Housewives episode 1.12: Every Day A Little Death
Family Guy Episode 3.19: Stuck Together, Torn Apart
Friends Episode 1.15: TOW The Stoned Guy
Friends Episode 2.11: TOW The Lesbian Wedding
Friends episode 2.14: TOW The Prom Video
Friends episode 7.16: TOW The Truth About London
Gilmore Girls episode 1.04: The Deer Hunters
Gilmore Girls episode 4.02: The Lorelai's First Day At Yale
Gilmore Girls episode 5.05: We Got Us A Pippi Virgin
Gilmore Girls episode 5.13: Wedding Bell Blues
The West Wing episode 1.12: He Shall, From Time To Time
The West Wing Episode 1.19: Let Bartlet Be Bartlet
The West Wing episode 2.06: The Lame Duck Congress
The West Wing episode 3.15: Dead Irish Writers
The West Wing episode 4.23: Twenty Five
The West Wing Episode 5.7: Separation of Powers
The West Wing Episode 5.17: The Supremes
The West Wing episode 5.20: No Exit
The West Wing episode 6.07: A Change Is Gonna Come
The West Wing episode 6.09: Impact Winter
The West Wing episode 6.15: Freedonia
Will & Grace episode 2.10: Tea And Total Lack Of Sympathy
Will & Grace episode 2.15: Advice And Resent
Will & Grace episode 3.07: Gypsies, Tramps And Weed
Will & Grace episode 3.10: Coffee And Commitment

Bree Van De Kamp's Kitchen (Desperate Housewives)
Julie Styron's Hotel Room (The Business of Strangers)
Lisa Simpson's Bedroom (The Simpsons)
Lynette Scavo's Bedroom (Desperate Housewives)
The Drunken Clam (Family Guy)
The White House (The West Wing)
Will Truman's Apartment (Will and Grace)
Wisteria Lane (Desperate Housewives)

American Beauty
Annie Hall
Anything Else
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Edie & Pen
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Hanging Up
Hocus Pocus
I Married A Witch
In & Out
Isn't She Great
Le Divorce
Life Or Something Like It
Married To It
Meet Me In St.Louis
Meet The Fockers
Moll Flanders
Mr. Wrong
National Velvet
Now And Then
Peggy Sue Got Married
Pretty In Pink
Six Degrees of Separation
Some Like It Hot
Sugar And Spice
The Business of Strangers
The Cheap Detective
The First Wives Club
The Graduate
The Rose
The Wizard of Oz
To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar
Up Close & Personal
Valley Girls
What Women Want
Where Love Has Gone
Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf
With A Song In My Heart

Anime/Cartoon Characters
Ashley Spinelli [Recess]
Diane Simmons [Family Guy]
Edna Krabappel [The Simpsons]
Lor McQuarrie [The Weekenders]
Stewie Griffin [Family Guy]
Tino's Mom [The Weekenders]

Movie Characters
Annie Hall [Annie Hall]
Barbara Graham [I Want To Live]
Berniece Brackatt [In & Out]
Betty Rizzo (Grease)
Bianca Stratford [10 Things I Hate About You]
Bobbie Markowitz (The Stepford Wives)
Brenda Cushman [The First Wives Club]
Bubbles [Finding Nemo]
Cady Heron [Mean Girls]
Cher Horowitz [Clueless]
Deb [Finding Nemo]
Deborah Connors (Life or Something Like It)
Delores Del Ruby [Even Cowgirls Get The Blues]
Dina Byrnes [Meet The Parents]
Emily Montgomery [In & Out]
Erica Barry [Something's Gotta Give]
Esther Hoffman [A Star Is Born]
Esther Smith [Meet Me In St. Louis]
Eve (What Women Want)
Fanny Brice [Funny Girl]
Florence Maybelle (Isn't She Great)
Frances Owens (Practical Magic)
Hannah Brown [Easter Parade]
Inga Gunther (Mr. Wrong)
Jacqueline Susann (Isn't She Great)
Jane Froman [With A Song In My Heart]
Janis Ian [Mean Girls]
Jenny Bowman [I Could Go On Singing]
Julie Siegel [Heartburn]
Kathy Selden [Singin' In The Rain]
Lillian Roth [I'll Cry Tomorrow]
Marcia McGrath (Up Close and Personal)
Margeeve Walker (Le Divorce)
Molly Brown [The Unsinkable Molly Brown]
Mona Dearly [Drowning Mona]
Paula (Anything Else)
Peach [Finding Nemo]
Regina George [Mean Girls]
Rose Morgan [The Mirror Has Two Faces]
Roz Focker [Meet The Fockers]
Tai Fraiser [Clueless]
Teresa D'Onofrio [Riding In The Car With Boys]
Winifred Sanderson (Hocus Pocus)

TV Characters
Abigail Bartlet (The West Wing)
Al Bundy [Married... With Children]
Ann Madsen [Law & Order]
Ann Marie [That Girl]
Arthur Fonzarelli [Happy Days]
Babette Dell [Gilmore Girls]
Bill Miller [Still Standing]
Blanche Devereaux [The Golden Girls]
Bree Van De Kamp (Desperate Housewives)
Brian Miller [Still Standing]
Carrie Bradshaw [Sex And The City]
Charlotte York [Sex And The City]
C.J. Cregg (The West Wing)
Emily Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)
Faith Fairfield [Hope And Faith]
Ginger [The Guiding Light]
Isabelle Huffstodt (Huff)
Joanie Cunningham [Happy Days]
Josiah Bartlet (The West Wing)
Judy Miller [Still Standing]
Kelly Bundy [Married... With Children]
Kirstie Alley [Fat Actress]
Lauren Miller [Still Standing]
Leo McGarry (The West Wing)
Louise Miller [Still Standing]
Lucille Bluth (Arrested Development)
Lynette Scavo (Desperate Housewives)
Marion Cunningham [Happy Days]
Mary Alice Young (Desperate Housewives)
Miranda Hobbes [Sex And The City]
Nigel Wick [The Drew Cary Show]
Peggy Bundy [Married... With Children]
Rex Van De Kamp (Desperate Housewives)
Richard Gilmore [Gilmore Girls]
Rory Gilmore [Gilmore Girls]
Samantha Jones [Sex And The City]
Shirley Schmidt [Boston Legal]
Susan Goodenow [The Stockard Channing Show]
Susan Hughes [Stockard Channing In Just Friends]
Suzanne [Fraiser]
Tina Miller [Still Standing]
Viola Elliot [Road To Avonlea]

TV Shows
Access Hollywood
America's Next Top Model
Behind The Music
Boston Legal
Designing Women
Desperate Housewives
Entertainment Tonight
E! True Hollywood Story
Family Ties
Growing Pains
Happy Days
Hope And Faith
Live With Regis And Kelly
Mama's Family
Married... With Children
Still Standing
That's So Raven
The Academy Awards
The Ellen Degeneres Show
The Emmy Awards
The Insider
The View
The West Wing
Veronica's Closet

TV/Movie Friendships
Jacqueline Susann and Florence Maybelle (Isn't She Great)
Julie Styron and Paula Murphy (The Business of Strangers)
Karen Walker and Grace Adler (Will and Grace)

TV/Movie Relationships
Arthur Siegel and Julie Siegel [Heartburn]
Barbara Whitney and Sam (An Unexpected Family)
Bernie Focker and Roz Focker [Meet The Fockers]
Chester Walker and Margeeve Walker [Le Divorce]
Flan Kittredge and Ouisa Kittredge [Six Degress Of Seperation]
Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson [The Simpsons]
Jack Byrnes and Dina Byrnes [Meet The Parents]
Josiah Bartlet and Abigail Bartlet [The West Wing]
Kenickie and Betty Rizzo [Grease]
Lou Peckinpaugh and Bess [The Cheap Detective]
Mr. Sprock and Thelma Husband [Where The Heart Is]
Paul and Anne [Jack]
Richard Gilmore and Emily Gilmore [Gilmore Girls]
Richard Luckman and Rachel Luckman [The Baby Dance]
Stan Walker and Karen Walker [Will & Grace]

TV/Movie Rivalries
Aaron Paradis vs. Annie Paradis [The First Wives Club]
Beverly Leslie vs. Karen Walker [Will & Grace]
Bill Atchison vs. Elise Elliot [The First Wives Club]
Deborah Connors vs. Lanie Kerrigan [Life Or Something Like It]
Janice vs. Ms. Walcott [The Truth About Jane]
Karen Walker vs. Lorraine Finster [Will & Grace]
Morty Cushman vs. Brenda Cushman [The First Wives Club]
Nick Harris vs. Julie Styron [The Business Of Strangers]

TV Show Character Clothing/Items
Abbey Bartlet's Hair [The West Wing]
Abbey Bartlet's Red Suit [The West Wing]
Bree Van De Kamp's Red Lingerie in "Running To Stand Still" [Desperate Housewives]
Karen Walker's Black Leather Pumps in "Fabulous Baker Boy" [Will & Grace]
Karen Walker's Green Tweed Suit in "The Birds And The Bees" [Will & Grace]
Karen Walker's Red Silk Camisole in "Heart Like A Wheelchair" [Will & Grace]
Karen Walker's Wedding Dress in "I Do. Oh, No, You Di-in't" [Will & Grace]

TV Show Seasons
All In The Family season 1
All In The Family season 2
All In The Family season 3
All In The Family season 4
All In The Family season 5
All In The Family season 6
All In The Family season 7
All In The Family season 8
All In The Family season 9
Degrassi High season 1
Degrassi High season 2
Family Guy season 1
Family Guy season 2
Family Guy season 3
Fat Actress season 1
Gilmore Girls season 1
Gilmore Girls season 2
Gilmore Girls season 4
Mama's Family season 2
Married... With Children season 1
Married... With Children season 2
Married... With Children season 3
Married... With Children season 4
Married... With Children season 5
Married... With Children season 6
Married... With Children season 7
Married... With Children season 8
Married... With Children season 9
Married... With Children season 10
Married... With Children season 11
Still Standing season 1
Still Standing season 2
The Golden Girls season 1
The Golden Girls season 2
The Golden Girls season 3
The Golden Girls season 4
The Golden Girls season 5
The Golden Girls season 6
The Golden Girls season 7
The West Wing season 1
The West Wing season 2
The West Wing season 3
The West Wing season 4
Will & Grace season 1
Will & Grace season 2
Will & Grace season 3
Will & Grace season 4

TV Theme Songs
Desperate Housewives Theme
Golden Girls Theme
Still Standing Theme
The West Wing Theme
Three's Company Theme
Will and Grace Theme

Stockard Channing


stockardism is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Gilmore Girls is Motherly-Daughter Love.

The Wizard of Oz is classic love

Ashlee Simpson is Love.


Jack & Karen's Sexual Harrasment Commercial is Love

take the cher test.

and go to mewing.net. because laura isn't cher.

Lynette Is Domestic Sex

Grease is Old School Love

Created by t0rn86

I adopted a cute lil' kitty fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

Ellen DeGeneres is Comedic Love

Made bykb_designs

Courtney is love.

By w00tlikewoah

Stevie Nicks


Bette Midler Stevie Nicks

Stockard and Bette...

Stevie Nicks


made by l_o_v_e_icons

Barbra and Clint Stevie Nicks Delta Burke Stockard

Stockard Channing Is Love

Made By: sweetchick200

Stockard Channing Is Love

Made By: sweetchick200

Golden Girls are Love.
Made by sickness_and

Stockard Channing and Stevie Nicks is obsessive love

Stockard Channing and Bette Midler is kinky love

made by __iiicons

Stevie Nicks

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